Key quotes about Enactivism

October 4, 2008

Mascriota et al (2007)  state that; “from an enactive point of view knowing is active, situating, situated, distributed, and either personal or collective”

Mascriota et al (2007) state, “learners are in principle not in a position to know what the results of their actions might be: new knowledge is inherently beyond what is known.”

Masciotra et al (2007) state that; “the dynamic and transformational nature of knowing and learning are reflected in the relationship between the person and her world a relationship that involves acting in and with the world rather than abstracting oneself from it.”    

 Masciotra et al (2007) stated that, “An enactive perspective assumes that knowing and learning are not disembodied operations that take place solely in a person’s head. Rather they are a function of the whole person who is firmly situated in the world and who acts in the world to transform it just as she is transformed by it.”

Masciotra, R, Roth, W, Morel, D, 2007 ‘Enaction: Toward a Zen Mind in Learning and Teaching’, Sense Publishers, Rotterdam.



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